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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Silly Season

It is obvious I think that with the impending Dec and Jan hols, there won't be much art around to yak about, though one's always hoping. So dear reader, have a good break. You've probably noticed I've been having some technical difficulties with my hyperlinks, or if you use a Mac, you might be experiencing layout problems. Thank you to those who have been giving me good advice, and thanks also for your patience.


Courtney Johnston said...

Hey John

No need to publish this, just a small fix.

The problem with the links is that you have the 'http://' repeated twice at the start of them. Links should look like this: http:://

When you make the link with Blogger, the window that pops up for you to paste the URL into already has the 'http://' in place. Either delete it, and paste your full URL in, or just paste the URL from 'www' onwards.

You could correct all your existing links by opening each post to edit, switching to the HTML view, and deleting all the extra 'http://'s that you see.

Hope this helps.

John Hurrell said...

A bunch of flowers for you, Best of Three, for your great assistance.