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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bodily delights and semantic pleasures

Julia Morison: Myriorama #3
RAMP, Wintec, Hamilton
2 September - 3 October 2008

I’m very biased about this show. The artist is a close friend, my Christchurch dealer, and I myself instigated it with WINTEC. You can take my word or ignore me, but this exhibition is a great success. The best of the three permutations of Myriorama so far (the others being at 64zero3 [April], and Two Rooms [July]).

It’s worth a trip down from Auckland (or up from Wellington) to see. Especially as poor miserable North Islanders missed out on a loop around a loop. This work is a great spatial, visceral experience simply because the proportions of the gallery space are based on the four equal sides of a square, and the room has an exceptionally high stud. You are bodily compressed and mentally engaged by the four planes, height and the combined pin-striped forms Morison has inventively assembled. It’s very special. Like a language where the letters form new anagrams and semantic codings. A unique opportunity as visitable installations go.

That’s it: plug over.

[Re the above images: remember parallel lines cause havoc with online digital reproduction. That shimmering moire stuff is not in the work.]

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artfromspace said...

I liked the previous permutation at Two Rooms so would be keen to see this incarnation. Especially when the works are configured around a corner and reflect back on themselves. The modular design is a nice development from the interconnected tile pieces in last year's Gargantua's Petticoat, the new component of loop around the loop, which was also shown at Two Rooms.

Installation shots please?!