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Monday, October 20, 2008

Nocturnal screenings in K Rd

Harald Hund and Paul Horn - Habibi Kebab: From the Life of an Artist (20/10)
Starkwhite: Night Shift film programme
15 October – 23 October 2008

Last night (between 7pm and 7am in Starkwhite’s doorway) was a good chance to look closely at the brilliant art world satire: Habibi Kebab (2003). The film was made by carefully splicing together portions of old Turkish movies, and transposing over their turbulent romantic themes English ‘translations’ that ridicule political correctness, artspeak, and art careerism. These Austrlan artists have made a wonderful work that projects a lot of warmth. It is not mealy-mouthed but an affectionate dig at art world pretensions, while also acknowledging the vulnerability of emerging artists.

It is very funny. The reason is that the writing of the captions is so good. Here is one sample quote:

Artist to her mother: The doctor is a curator who earns his money as a plastic surgeon. He is going to show my work.

Or this little exchange:

Artist to dealer: I’m supposed to show in this dump?
Dealer: Everybody has to start small.

I missed seeing this work when it was showing at Starkwhite last year. I‘m delighted to have had a second chance.

There are three nights left of the screening of other works on the programme:

Tonight (21/10) Grant Stevens: In the Beyond
Tomorrow (22/10) Terrence Handscomb: The Revelation
Thursday (23/10) Daniel Crooks: Pan No. 4.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity while you can. See you there

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