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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haru asks a question about Mitchell's instructions

See below for a comment from Bernie who has reposted it on the 'Art-Political Statement' thread.

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Bernie said...

This may answer some questions and raise others.
In the 'Close up' report an Danes instructions were held up by the gallery curator, they read;
Retain all disposed and discarded packing material from the other works in the exhibition.
Leaving nothing out -include all bubble wrap, cardboard, plastic etc.
Pile all this material into a heap in the exhibition space.'
Then in smaller writing it read;
'This jpeg is not the work only an instruction in order that the work may be completed'

This last sentence interested me as I know in the terms and conditions for entry into the competition item 6. says 'An image of the entry is to be submitted with the website entry form'
Could this be Danes 'image', and if so is that really sticking to the conditions of the competition?
Item 7.10 in the same entry conditions states;
'Art works can not be changed or added to once they have been submitted', thats pretty subjective in this case.
Item 7.2 'Employees of the Waikato Museum are not eligible to enter.' Maybe not, but allowed to make?

Danes work has depth and smarts, and with a asking price of $5,250, if sold a brilliant profit margin, considering in money terms its cost him the $35 entry fee to produce.
I just hope he and the museum have played by the rules.